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Lane Smith

Fine Art Photographer

When I was a kid, I was heavily involved in sports; baseball, football, basketball, tennis, water skiing, snow skiing, you name it. If it was competitive, I wanted to do it and win. At the same time, I had a deep love for pretty much everything in the arts world. I could be moved by a beautiful song or an incredible dance.


I remember watching sketch artists and painters as a kid and would be in awe of their ability to reproduce, in intricate detail, what they saw. Their art was not only amazing to look at but also stirred up emotions and feelings inside me that nothing else did. 


I have had the privilege to be a full-time musician and a photographer for all of my adult life. I am still moved deeply by a song, a dance, a painting or a sculpture, but there is another level experienced when the art you present, moves someone else. It is amazing to be able to photograph a serene moment at an ocean, to capture a sun-kissed mountaintop or to lean over the edge of Horseshoe Bend 1500 feet above the canyon and to be able to share that moment with others through my camera and for someone to be moved by it.


God is the ultimate artist and I am thankful to be able to share His artistry through my camera lens and through the way I compose and see the world. I truly hope you not only see the beauty, color and vibrance of the images I have made, but that you feel something...that you are moved. 




P.S. I still love competitive sports and am an avid pickleball player

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